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  1. Maximilian Affair

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    29. September 2015 by swizzzlestick

    The Maximilian Affair created by Misty Kalkofen, Boston, is a fantastic drink for mezcal lovers (found in The Cocktail Chronicles …
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  2. Baltasar and Blimunda

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    7. June 2015 by swizzzlestick

    The right drink for me tonight is a bitter-sweet Negroni! Sweet, because my beloved Eva and myself had such a …
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  3. Le Bateleur

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    12. April 2015 by swizzzlestick

    Alex Day created the Le Bateleur in the year 2008 (source Death & Co´s Modern Classic Cocktails). Ingredients 2 ounces …
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  4. Charlston Cocktail

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    22. February 2015 by swizzzlestick

    I concluded this great weekend with a wonderful classic sweet gin drink: the Charlston Cocktail (found in Death & Co´s …
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  5. Smoking Cinnamon


    5. January 2015 by swizzzlestick

    “A stick of smoldering cinnamon imbues this almost tropical cocktail with a wisp of spicy smoke.” (by Todd Maul, Clio …
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  6. Turkey Shoot

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    23. November 2014 by swizzzlestick

    Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Germany, so we have had our small turkey already today! I prepared it on …
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  7. Gonzalez

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    17. November 2014 by swizzzlestick

    Phil Ward (2008) named the Gonzalez after Jessica Gonzalez, their first female bartender at D&C, according to Death & Co´s …
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