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  1. Little Miss Annabelle

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    3. September 2015 by swizzzlestick

    “I named this variation on the Sidecar after the daughter of Alexandre Gabriel, who owns Pierre Ferrand. It has a …
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  2. Masataka Swizzle

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    23. June 2015 by swizzzlestick

    Stanislav Vadrna from Bratislava introduced the Masataka Swizzle, named after Whisky founder Masataka Taketsuru, at a Whisky event in Paris …
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  3. Mother-In-Law Cocktail

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    26. March 2015 by swizzzlestick

    “My grandmother (born in New Orleans in 1895) inherited the recipe from her mother-in-law shortly before the beginning of the …
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  4. Bloomsbury


    1. March 2015 by swizzzlestick

    The Bloomsbury is a masterpiece by Robert Hess (2003). “I created this drink as part of a promotion for Tanqueray …
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  5. Bella Cohen


    27. January 2015 by swizzzlestick

    I want to ask Jessica Gonzalez why she named this wonderful drink Bella Cohen (there is no backround information in …
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  6. Kerala

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    1. December 2014 by swizzzlestick

    Do you love exotic spices like I do and good drinks as well? Then the Kerala by Joaquín Simó (2008), …
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  7. Tillicum

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    9. October 2014 by swizzzlestick

    Are you going to you enjoy planked salmon on your barbeque this weekend? Why not serve a Tillicum as aperitif! …
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