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  1. Colony Cocktail

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    8. November 2015 by swizzzlestick

    Dale DeGroff discovered the Colony Cocktail in a book called Bottoms Up by Ted Saucier (1953). This vodka-based house cocktail …
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  2. Gladstone

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    20. October 2015 by swizzzlestick

    “Here is our Old Fashioned representative, back to the 1806 definition of the cocktail as ´spirits of any kind, sugar, …
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  3. Strike´s Off Cocktail

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    21. June 2015 by swizzzlestick

    Tonight I have picked up the Savoy Cocktail Book and got caught by the Strike´s Off Cocktail. This drink was …
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  4. Vesper


    20. April 2015 by swizzzlestick

    “Just a moment. Three measures of Gordon´s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well …
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  5. Batavian Affair

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    16. March 2015 by swizzzlestick

    The host for this month´s  Mixology Monday is Sass & Gin. Laura declared March the month of the Old Fashioned, …
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  6. Creole Cocktail

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    7. December 2014 by swizzzlestick

    I should have a look at the Savoy Cocktail Book more often. The Creole Cocktail is a lovely sweet and …
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  7. Vermouth Panaché by Hemingway


    16. November 2014 by swizzzlestick

    The great theme of this month´s Mixology Monday chosen by Bibulo.us is lower-proof cocktails, also called Shims!  I did not invent …
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