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  1. Drink Without a Name

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    25. November 2015 by swizzzlestick

    Today our Kaffir lime tree lost a fruit. So I had to decide quickly what to do with it. I, …
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  2. Martinez Paradoxum


    22. September 2014 by swizzzlestick

    Conditum was a family of spiced wines in ancient Roman and Byzantine cuisine. The Latin name translates roughly as “spiced”. …
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  3. Cocoon


    13. August 2014 by swizzzlestick

    This month´s Mixology Monday theme Coconuts proposed by Rated R Cocktails  comes just right because for some time already I have …
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  4. Negroni Week: Negroni Oaxaca


    6. June 2014 by swizzzlestick

    So many wonderful Negroni varations this week, finally I want to contribute my own one: the Negroni Oaxaca! The mezcal …
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  5. Venetian Carnival


    21. December 2013 by swizzzlestick

    Thanks to Straight Up,, the december’s MxMo theme,, is Anise, such a wonderful idea! Today I had time to to play a little …
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  6. Sawyer

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    28. November 2013 by swizzzlestick

    The Sawyer, a wonderful drink described by Brad Thomas Parsons as an icy, bitter-soaked twist on a gimlet. Nearly 30 …
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  7. Delhi Daisy


    24. November 2013 by swizzzlestick

    When I heard about Curry-flavored cocktails I knew I had to try one! The Delhi Daisy  with Curry Simple Syrup …
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