Bacardi Cocktail


4. July 2014 by swizzzlestick

Yesterday at the airport in Birmingham I stumbled over this bottle of white rum: Bacardi Gran Reserva. It says: „Extra smooth sipping rum, slow filtered through coconut shell charcoal.“ Although recommended to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, I thought this may be the opportunity as well to try out the

Bacardi Cocktail.

By adding a dash of Grenadine the Bacardi Cocktail is a variant of the Daiquiri. This cocktail is the first example of a copyright protected recipe. After Prohibition, many bars served Bacardi Cocktails without the Bacardi rum. One of these bars was in the Barbizon Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, which was then sued by the Bacardi company. In 1936 the New York Supreme Court ruled that a Bacardi Cocktail must contain Bacardi Rum (info by

5cl White Bacardi Rum, 1.5 cl Lime Juice, 1 cl Grenadine

Shake with ice and double-strain into a cocktail glass.

Bacardi CocktailMmhh, not bad!


4 thoughts on “Bacardi Cocktail

  1. I wonder if this is more like the Bacardi of the 1920s and 1930s, when it was highly regarded. Their normal white rum now is almost undrinkable.

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